In the first century, the ministry of Yeshua and His disciples were very much connected to time and geography. But as the Gospel went out to the nations, over the past 1900 years, there has been little emphasis among Christians on time and geography. The Gospel can be preached anywhere, and at anytime; the Spirit of God can be received at any time and any place. The Holy Spirit does not have a specific earthly body but dwells inside of all of us.

However as we approach Yeshua’s return, time and geography will once again begin to take on importance. Yeshua will return physically to a certain place at a certain time. The place will be the Mount of Olives (Zech. 14:4; Acts 1:11). The time will be when the nations attack Israel (Zech. 14:2; Luke 21:20) and Israel cries out, “Baruch Haba” (Psalm 118:26, Matthew 23:39).

In the Torah the feasts are called מועד mo’ed, meaning “appointed time.” In the Prophets, each spiritual promise is connected with the physical promise of possessing the Land. In the Christian view, spirit is universal and timeless; in the Jewish view, spirit is linked to time and space. Both are true. The “two-eyed” biblical perspective is being restored today to give us 3-dimensional vision.

In order to get ready for Yeshua’s return, the attention of the whole world must be focused in the right direction. A theater play cannot start, the curtain cannot rise, and the star actor cannot appear until everyone is first looking at the stage. Jerusalem is the stage. Jesus is the star.

The Hebrew for Zion is ציון meaning sign post (Jeremiah 31:21). Zion is a marker, a street sign, pointing in the right direction. It is no wonder that the United Nations and Islamic Extremism are so “anti” Zionist. Everyone will be pointed toward Zion; whether for good or evil. Those in opposition are called “haters of Zion” (Psalm 129:5).

Alignment is urgent. It is like chiropractic treatment for the “body of Messiah”. When the neck and back come into alignment, healing power and freedom of movement are released. It sets a correct order and pattern for God’s plan.

  1. Great Commission – Yeshua sent His disciples out to share the gospel from Jerusalem to the ends of the earth (Acts 1:8); now it’s coming back again.
  2. Unity of the Body – As Christians have Zion in their heart, they come into a harmony of prayer and spirit (Psalm 133, John 17).
  3. International Church (Ecclesiology) – As Christians are grafted into the “Olive Tree”, they are connected to the roots of their faith (Romans 11:17).
  4. End Times (Eschatology) – All of the prophecies of Yeshua’s return point to events in Israel and the Middle East (Ezekiel 38-39).
  5. Second Pentecost – In the end times the Holy Spirit will be poured out on all flesh in a great revival with miraculous signs and wonders (Acts 2:17-21).
  6. Millennial Kingdom – After Yeshua’s return there will be a worldwide government of peace and prosperity with Jerusalem as its capital (Isaiah 2:1-4).
  7. New Creation – At the end of the Bible we see paradise restored in perfect world as heavenly Jerusalem descends to earth (Revelation 21-22).

Please pray with us for this Zion Alignment to be fulfilled.

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