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“Prayer” often not a topic understood by us “young people.” My generation doesn’t always get its importance. Even though the Bible speaks about it many times throughout, we still have trouble integrating it into our daily life.

I have to say, many of us, young French people, have grown up in a church often split up into two categories: those who pray, and those who act.

This Church model is going through changes but it is what we have commonly known. The first group: Older people interceding and reading their bible a lot. The others group: those who organize church activities, those going on the street, or those who set up the “prayer meetings”. These prayer meetings bring together our dear “white heads” as we like to say in french.

Let’s speak about white hair, don’t we often say it is a sign of wisdom? We, young people, usually forget that older people are wise.

Exodus 20 :12 “Honor your father and mother, so that you may live long in the land the Lord your God is giving you” and Ephesians 6:2 “honor your father and mother – which is the first commandment with a promise” are clear verses about our elders and the honor we owe them.

We only have two biological parents, but we do have fathers and mothers in faith. God is giving us that grace: having people ahead of us to advise and transmit us the pearls they collected through the years. And apparently, if they all care about prayer, it means it’s a pearl and a precious one.

Let’s look at what the Word says about prayer.

In Hebrew, one of the primary roots of prayer is ”paga” (Context : Gen 23:8). It can be translated: to intercede, to meet, to touch. Prayer would then be more than a request to God, prayer is what enables us to meet Him and touch Him.

Yeshua (Jesus) himself prayed, Luke 6:12 says that he “went out to a mountainside and spent the night to pray to God.” Yeshua certainly cared about it.

He understood the essence of prayer: meeting the Father, touching Him, connecting with Him.

For some years now, I experienced an increasing thirst for more of God. I experienced it and saw it happening around me, in my friends, people I barely knew, believers or not. All of them are seeking relationship, connexion. But none of these connexions or relationships that the world is offering to us can satisfy this thirst, because this thirst is a spiritual one. Only the Lord can satisfy it.

I happened to be in a stadium surrounded by thousands people in Los Angeles praying for revival to come back to the US and to spread out all over the world. I can assure you, you don’t spend 10 hours on your feet under the rain praying if you’re not thirsty for more of God in your life. Such a big thirst that you desire to see your nation transformed. You pray because when you do, you meet the Father, the Son and the Spirit. And when you meet Him, you don’t want to stop praying. You want your life, your family’s, your friends’, your nation to be transformed.

The world is thirsty, and it seeks something to drink. Jesus is the source filling us with way more than just water. And when we pray, we touch, we meet, we drink this water.

At the heart of prayer we meet Him, we get to know Him. Prayer is a key to meet and to know the Trinity, a key to our relationship with God. We pray to Him because we speak to Him and listen to Him and the more we pray the more we know Him.

We, young people, who are thirsty for more, who love to worship Him, who love His presence : prayer is a key. The key is to talk to Him and to let Him talk to us so that He can slake this thirst for life. He is life, then let us spend time with the Life. Let’s drink from that source and keep cultivating this meeting, this intimacy with Him through prayer. This aims for Him to become greater and that we become less, because this is what we are thirsty for: more of Him, so we have to make room for Him.

In those times where the Lord tells us that He’s turning the hearts of the fathers to their children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers, let’s first meet the heart of the Father. Meeting Him so that we understand His love for our fathers and mothers and His love for us, his sons and daughters.

Becoming a praying family, that spends time in the heart of the Father, with Yeshua and the Spirit blowing over it. So let’s pray, let’s cultivate this intimacy offered to us in Jesus, the only way to the Father. Lets use the key our Savior himself used.


Salomé Barba

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