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written by Jérémie Pelet


Those of us, that have been born again; we have been justified and made pure in God’s eyes in the heavenly places by the blood of Jesus. We have then received authority over sin. It is time that we cease blaming our “sinful nature” for our sin, for it is only an inheritance from which we have been set free. The time has come to place our identity in Christ in order to walk by the Holy Spirit, see him work in us and guide us into purity. (Romans 8v2-4)

In the beginning, purity was a part of human nature. Contemplating His creation in Genesis 1v31, God saw that it was exceedingly good. I have no doubt about the fact that God hasn’t created anything that wasn’t perfect, without a spot at its origin. Through the fall in the garden of Eden, this purity didn’t inhabit humans anymore. But, by grace and love, God sent his son to be crucified so that we could be reconciledwith our Father God, washed from our sin, if we receive Him as our savior (2Corinthiens 5v18 and 1Pierre2v24). From there on, we become pure in the heavenly realm (justification), and there are no different levels of purity in these places. What an amazing gift!

What is purity?

A Danish thinker said once: “Purity is to desire only one thing”. In Psalm 23v3-4, purity is opposed to deceit, deceit being doing something and wanting people to think something different, a lie, being double minded. James 4 warns us against this in verse 4 by saying that love for the world makes us adulterous towards God, to be a friend of the world makes us an enemy of God! We have to stop having a dived spirit and let the Holy Spirit cut our hearts deep. If we would ask Jesus his advice, he would probably answer “You shall love your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with your entiremind” (Mathew 22v37). The key for purity is to serve God alone, because none can serve two masters. (Mathew 6v24).

In the beginning, we said mankind was pure, and 1 John 3v2-3prophesies that we will be made pure like Jesus at his return. More than that, the hope in Jesus, to fix our gaze on that promise, purifies us! 1John 3v9 tells us that it is impossible for those who are born from God to sin, a powerful verse which puts the emphasis on the opposition between sin and life in Christ. If then we are in Christ, we are pure and cannot sin! This is completed by 1 John 2v5 which reveals to us thatthose who abide in Jesus must walk like Jesus. Has Jesus sinned? No. Sin is what remains from our life before we knew Jesus, and through it, we understand forgiveness’s value, but being born again, sin has no power. I don’t think that as we draw closer to God we can sin more, on the contrary. Being free from sin, which interfered with our positioning in the heavenly places, the communication with our Father is perfectly re-established. The purity that we generate testifies of our relationship with God.

How to attain this purity?

Purity of those who have believed in Christ is a heavenly truth and an earthly process. It is submitting our entire being to God’s will by love for Jesus so that what is accomplished in heaven starts influencing our thoughts, our behavior and our desires in alignment with Jesus’scommandments. Through this, the law is accomplished in our lives (Jean 14v21 and Romans 13v8). Our life on earth should reflect our heavenly positioning which is that we are pure in God’s eyes. Purity is obtained through submission to the Holy Spirit who guides us. This allows us to see God (Mathew 5v8) and experience a relationship with Him as Adam and Eve did.

Faith in God’s work leads to repentance and a desire to alignour deeds with the purity that is offered by the cross. Psalm 37v4:Delight thyself also in the Lord, and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.’’ It is not of our past desires that this verse is talking about, but of desires that God places in our hearts. Since the fall, purity must be restored so that we can presents ourselves pure before Christ as prophesied in Revelation 19v8, clothed with fine linen, clean, representing the saint’s righteous deeds. Purity makes us zealous for God’s works!

“The power of salvation is to recognize our weaknesses and to walk in God’s grace. Our responsibility is to welcome thework of the Holy Spirit day by day. I was a sinner, I was saved by grace, I am now a saint in the process of sanctification to develop Jesus’s character in me.” (Chandy Thomas)

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