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Gratefulness, a key in our daily lives

In the world we live in, we sometimes forget how important gratefulness is for who we are,  where we are at.

Society, money, mass consumption and others drive us to always want more and it is easy to covet what we would like to have, it can be difficult to be grateful for what we already have.

But gratefulness goes far beyond material goods. It is important to be equally grateful for who we are, where we are at in our lives.

All that we have and all that we are comes only from the grace of God. It is he who chose to give us life, who chooses to wake us up every morning and give us a new day. He sent his only son to pay the price with his life to redeem us from sin. Just for that, should we not  be more grateful?

Ephesians 5v20 tells us, “Give thanks to God the Father for all things in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Our gratitude to God is a testimony of his grace and goodness! For God is good all the time. To be grateful to him is also to recognize and proclaim his goodness.

Gratefulness is an attitude of the heart we need to work to develop. It developes in us different fruits of the Spirit (see Galatians 5v22):

•Joy, because we are simply looking forward to the little joys of life.

•Peace, because we choose to recognize the goodness of God in all things: the mind is at a place of rest.

•Kindness and benevolence, for a grateful heart is neither embittered nor bitter

•Faith, oh so important! To be grateful is to recognize, know and believe in the eternal goodness of God and his blessings

Indeed, gratefulness is a key that allows us to get closer to God on a daily basis, but also to taste his goodness towards us. It is an attitude that allows us to live fully, but also helps us in the most difficult moments.

To be grateful to God is also to trust him in all our situations, good or bad. Jeremiah 17v7 tells us: “Blessed is the man who entrusts himself to the Lord, and whos hope is in the LORD!”

In dark moments, let us remember the blessings God has for us. He sent us his son, and his Holy Spirit lives in us. He is the Comforter. God has given us all the weapons to carry us through our battles. Prayer is a very powerful and a friend to thankfulness, they bring us peace. 

A well-known verse well expresses this:

Philippians 4v6 “Do not worry about anything but in all things make your needs known to God through prayers and supplications, with thankfulness.”

In addition, the Bible repeatedly tells us to be thankful because the fruits that gratefulness brings to our lives are so important and brings us closer to the heart of our Father, His Son, and His Holy Spirit:

1 Thessalonians 5v18 “Give thanks in all things, for it is the will of God in you in Christ Jesus.”

Some time ago, I was one a few miles away from the southern border of Syria (Israeli side). Throughout the afternoon, we heard the detonations of bombs, rockets, explosives of all kinds. We saw the smoke of these explosions rising in the sky. My heart broke when I thought about the nearby city with civilians, families and children, old people, newborns.

Seeing and hearing this struck me: how can we be so ungrateful to God for what we have? We do not necessarily realize the luck – the blessing – that we have in the most ordinary things in life, such as being able to live without fear that a bomb will fall on us at any moment.

For my own, I want to continue to cultivate gratefulness in my life and see the fruits of it (although it is not always easy) and I encourage you to do the same, because it is so good to rejoice in God, his kindness and loyalty to us!

Life taste differently when we are grateful for what we have, and it also helps us focus on the positive. God loves us and he tells us so in so many different ways!

I leave you with this verse which encourages to cultivate this gratefulness in our hearts, thoughts but also in our acts:

“And all that you do in words or deeds, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God our Father through him. Colossians 3v17

by Naomi Wolff

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