Our Team

Youval & Valerie

Youval & Valerie have 6 beautiful children and are leaders at the Revive base in Israel. Youval is a native Israeli & Valerie is Swiss-French.

They are Raviv’France direct liaison from Israel, and the counsel and oversight for our team here in France. Both of them have a heart for the French speaking nations and to see the revival happen.

Youval is the CEO of Revive Israel and works closely with the leadership team there to set strategy and vision for the future of the ministry.

Michael & Céline

Michael & Celine have been involved with the youth of France since 2008: their passion is to make disciples for everyday life and to encourage youth and families to love God through the work of ADSL Valence.

They oversee a Christian vacation center in the south of France that was founded in the 1970s to serve the Francophone body of Christ. Their desire is to see revival happen and a bridge built with the body of Messiah in Israel: One New Man.

Philippe & Tara

Philippe & Tara have been married for nearly 30 years & have 4 wonderful children. Philippe is French, Tara is American.

They have both been involved in youth work in the Valence area. They are leaders in a small Vineyard Church which was started in their home. They are praying for a revival culture in the local church as well as in the nation of France & beyond. They acknowledge Israel as an older brother in the faith, a brother they choose to partner with now & in the future.

Peter & Audrey

Peter & Audrey have served in missions since 2005 and represent the French expression of Revive Israel.

They have a heart to see people equipped to walk in greater maturity, to see families growing together in love. They also desire to be part of ministries coming together in prayer and worship for the region. They desire to bring an understanding of the covenant relationship between Jews and Gentiles and their role together in Christ.

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