Apostolic 5 Fold Teams

Raviv’France (A Branch of Revive Israel) is a multi-purpose ministry team, based on the examples of both Jesus and Paul. Jesus had His twelve disciples and Paul likewise had his ministry team. Our team aspires to function as a “five-fold” or “apostolic” ministry as well, each member being trained for the full release of his or her gifts and callings for the sole purpose of building up the Body of Messiah.

Our heart is to bring teaching and training in this area for the people and organizations who wish to know more.


The Goal of the 5-Fold is:

Equip many saints for the work of ministry, often reproducing the same gifting in others—e.g, teachers producing teachers.

Bring greater unity to the Body, not causing spiritual pride and schisms.

Bring a sense of maturity and stature to the Body.

God’s highest purpose is for these 5 ministers to be working together on a team, characterized by relationships of mutual submission (Eph 5:21). Often, this full stature of maturity has been missed because of the lack of this kind of teamwork. No one—no matter how gifted and dedicated—can manifest the fullness of the 5, which is ultimately an expression of the fullness of the Lord Himself. His person and character is the source of these ministers, and the only one in whom all find their full expression. 

 For more indepth artical please read  (Apostolic Teams)




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