Discipleship helps us understand Gods vision for the world, that His plan is eternal, that it started thousands of years ago and that we get to be a part of it. It’s passing the relay, and if we don’t, we compromise the race and prevent the others from receiving what we and the ones before us have received.

Discipleship is the Great Commission given to the body of Christ. To “go and make disciples. Mat 28:16-20 

The move of God is passed from one generation to the next through the DNA of discipleship. The great moves of God often stop after one generation because of the failure to raise up disciples.

It causes us to enlarge our vision and look at others more than ourselves. It humbles us by in that it started way before us and will continue on after us and encourages us to be a part of expending Gods kingdom.

Kingdom discipleship is modeled after Jesus and built on the principles of:

Covenant Relationship, Servant leadership, Equipping, Accountability, & Releasing with a purpose

As an apostolic team we at Raviv’France & Revive Israel exhibit a variety of passions, giftings, and callings among our staff and volunteers. This variety makes us more effective and keeps us in balance. We believe in an attitude of “people before projects” and therefore as a team, we are always encouraging mutual growth and accountability in our personal lives as well as in ministry. This reflects our vision for the training and equipping of this generation to build the local body of Messiah, and be sent to the nations.

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